Before I deluge you with more, here is an anagram that took me an hour to solve (I suspect ample incompeteny on my part and rather than any attributable inherent merit to the anagram itself)

"Bit Yokel"

When scrambled around would make a single word.

Now the rest of Ramayan(Western readers shoudl substitue Odyssey):

I wrote the following in about 2 hours (Thanks to notepad, Corona, drone of Carribbean Chutney and rarely-witnessable-anywhereelse hospitality of my brother-in-law Mikey):

This is a jumble solver using a single web page (even that, a single page blog where I otherwise perorate profusely)

I can use this page to solve

1. jumble
2. unscramble
3. anagrams

Anyways I have started porting this to Android and if you have one of those devices (primarily phones) you can install it from the following URL if you point your mobile web browser (On tablet it just looks wastefully big...)

This is still a work in progress as i get bored....

it is satisfactory enough to temporarily lull my curiosity....

Yes. Do send me an email if you use it and what you would like to see immediately improved...


Like any other free software on the net, please use caution and your own judgement to download and use.