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Authenticates a user by any means or various means and gives a ticket. This ticket goes around

User wants to talk to service
User sends the details kdc
The details is locked and sent
kdc sends a locked box with server details to back to user
user sends that box to server
Both have session keys
They can talk to each other

Write this puzzle down

Each conversation takes place in its own session.

Does it have language bindings. There is a kerberos plugin for it

Optimized for reads
Can use relational backends
openldap open source implementation
runs on linux
Secure authentication
Simple authentication and security layer
Carnegie mellon
ldap supports sasl
Netscape ldap going open source
tls is replacing ssl gradually
combination of ldap and kerberos
kerberos has built in replay attack safety
Authorization is integrated into ticketing
provides file sharing for windows clients on unix boxes