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APress Pro Android4: Comments from Readers

Thanks for such a wonderful book! I have stopped browsing about Android and sticking to this book. It's been a great help.

July 2011
Smita Khamitkar
M&E ITS Application Developer
American Airlines

I found your book so good that it simply compelled me to seek out your contact information and send you a note of praise.

I've read a number of Android development books, and am learning Android Development myself (I'm an entrepreneur and Adj. University Professor) and absolutely NOTHING works for me like your book has.

I test your examples on a Rooted Barns and Noble Color Nook and they all compile and execute problem free, the discussions are thorough and detailed and best of all ORGANIZED!

You guys really did a great service to the community and I'd like to see what else you might come up with in the future.

Great job guys, thanks for the quality piece of work.

July 2011
Matthew R. Versaggi, President & CEO
Versaggi Information Systems, Inc.
Adjunct Professor of eBusiness DePaul University

"I'm an Android developer and picked up your book at the Barnes and Nobles store here in Kansas, and was amazed about expansivity and prowess of the layout of the literature and with very useful examples. I pretty much learned the platform by random google searches of code snippets to get by, but going through your literature brought some wholeness to all the bits and pieces of information on Android development in the past 2 years. I even learned a few things along the way. You all must have put in lots and lots of sleepless night to get this done. I'm sure other readers will share my views but it all depends who's responding. Nice job...I'm still reading..."

Chinedu Nweze
June 2011
Android Developer

"I just finished reading Pro Android 2, it is something else. I have never read an android book having, so much to bite in between two covers. Kudos to you guys."

Adeola Poroye
Department of Computer Science
University of the Western Cape

"im from brazil and i'm reading your book and loving it! Thanks for the effort, great writing!"

Eduardo Berton
Android Developer

"Thanks! I hope that you will give some other books in Polish."

Janusz Podkoscielny 
Android Developer

"I have found both your book and your website a wonderful reference as I have worked on developing Android applications and wanted to start by thanking you for your work."

Jon Ross 
Android Developer
San Diego

"By the way, I own your book. It is a very good comprehensive book for Android."

Venkata Raidu
Android Developer

In fact, this post takes the inspiration and information from the post ?How to explore android source code? by Satya Komatineni, author of the excellent book, Pro Android. Pro Android is a very informative book of its kind to discuss Android programming in depth and really deserve the suffix "Pro". The same information presenting in his post is included in the book (exclude the part on Eclipse) under the topic Taking Advantage of Android Source Code. I consider the post by Satya Komatineni as one of the best post for Android development because it discuss on downloading/exploring on the source code of Android and configuring it for use in Eclipse.

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This is an excellent book, however it may take a while to get it (1 to 3 months currently). I can only assume they utilize a just in time delivery protocal, that waits for an order before cutting the trees, making the paper, and then printing the book, and then finally packing the book onto the pony express and shipping it cross country from Alaska. But seriously, it is a great book well worth the wait.

Pro Android 2 gets you buiding real-world mobile applications using Google?s latest Android SDK in short order(not counting the delivery time). The new edition means it fully covers Android 2, and it offers the rare combination of expert insight and real sample applications that work. I for one can?t learn from reading alone, it?s imperative that I see some working examples.

So, while it takes even longer to get than an HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon, it is an excellent resource for the budding Android developer.

Speaking of ProAndroid 2
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