0) OSCON 2005 Notes (15-Jun-17)

1) Welcome to my summary page of OSCON 2004 (10-Jul-06)

2) Master page pattern: Code Examples (10-Jul-06)

3) OSCON 2005 in brief (10-Aug-05)

4) Identity lecture (1-Aug-05)

5) Writers guidelines from Addison Wesley (9-Aug-04)

6) 3 speakers, 3 styles, an enormously effective evening at OSCON 2004 (28-Jul-04)

7) A 6 year old and www.combarbie (28-Jul-04)

8) An old man, a blue line and AspectJ (27-Jul-04)

9) A little american adventure (26-Jul-04)

10) Session time and location (24-Jul-04)

11) Example of using AKC as a traditional web site (22-Jul-04)

12) Optimistic Paging Pattern: Code Examples (22-Jul-04)

13) Clientside Redirector Pattern: Code Examples (22-Jul-04)

14) Authentication Pattern: Code Examples (21-Jul-04)

15) Strategized Sessions Pattern: Code Examples (20-Jul-04)

16) Abstract Page Data Pattern: Code Examples (20-Jul-04)

17) Declarative event based caching: Code Examples (20-Jul-04)

18) Generic Transformations Pattern: Code Examples (20-Jul-04)

19) Pluggable transformations: Code Examples (19-Jul-04)

20) Tier-less computing pattern: Code Examples (17-Jul-04)

21) Typed interface Pattern: Code Examples (16-Jul-04)

22) Transactional Pipelines Pattern: Code Exampes (16-Jul-04)

23) Declarative Part Pipelines: Code Examples (16-Jul-04)

24) Declarative Software Part: Code examples (16-Jul-04)

25) Declarative Relational Datasets: Example code (16-Jul-04)

26) Unified Object Server Factory Pattern: Code Examples (14-Jul-04)

27) Transparent Data Pipelines Pattern: Code Examples (14-Jul-04)

28) Typed Hierarchical Data Sets: Code Examples (14-Jul-04)

29) Unified Abstract Configuration Pattern Examples (13-Jul-04)

30) Hierarchical Datasets: Code examples (13-Jul-04)

31) URL to my session at OSCON 2004 (9-Jul-04)

32) General introduction to server side java patterns (7-Jul-04)

33) Some notes on inversion of control pattern: notes by Martin Fowler (29-Jun-04)

34) OSCON 2004 home page (8-Jun-04)

35) OSCON 2004 Speaker registration (8-Jun-04)