26-Jul-04 (Created: 26-Jul-04) | More in 'OSCON-2004'

A little american adventure

I have got up at 5 yesterday, (sunday morning), to catch the 7:25 flight, having overslept an hour. My gracious wife zipped me to the airport only to realise the american airlines an hour late. No big deal, 8:25, and I still have an hour to wait the connecting flight in Dallas.

My luck starts to kick in and the flight leaves at 9:30 with an advanced guarantee that I will miss the Dallas flight. The next flight is at 4:30 Dallas time. After 5 hours hours of the Dallas airport and the very efficient american front desk I manage to get into the flight at 4:30. Luck continues to favor and the flight was grounded in favor another plane, another gate at 6pm.

Needless to say with luck on overdrive, I couldn't find my luggage.

Well as it happened the luggage routers managed to find a flight that the very efficient front desk managed to miss and got to portland by noon.

With verve and poise, despite all that I managed to get into my Mariott room at midnight eastern time.

I believe I will give american a few more years before I try again